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Dagron, Prudent RenГ©-Patrice (1819 - 1900)

There are best books for online reading by Dagron, Prudent RenГ©-Patrice on this page. Also you can read a biography of Dagron, Prudent RenГ©-Patrice.

René Prudent Patrice Dagron (17 March 1819 – 13 June 1900) was a French photographer and inventor. He was born in Aillières-Beauvoir, Sarthe, France.[1] On 21 June, 1859, Dagron was granted the first microfilm patent in history.[2][3] He grew up in rural France but he left for Paris at an early age. In Paris he distinguished himself in the study of Physics and Chemistry. As a chemistry student Dagron became interested in Daguerrotypes when the process of producing them was announced on August 19, 1839.[3] After graduation, Dagron established a photographic portrait studio in Paris.[3] While in Paris Dagron became familiar with the collodion wet plate and collodio-albumen dry plate processes which he would later adapt to his microfilm techniques.[3] Dagron is also considered the inventor of the miniature photographic jewels (French: Bijoux photographiques microscopiques) known as Stanhopes because a modified Stanhope lens is used to view the microscopic picture attached to the lens.[4]...

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